The Oshkosh Area School District (OASD) - "A great place to start, a great place to stay."
The OASD employs over 1300 regular staff in administrative, professional, paraprofessional, clerical, food service, and custodial/maintenance positions. In addition, the district employs seasonal, temporary, and substitute staff.  **If you have a desire to join an increasingly diverse school system, make the Oshkosh Area School District your #1 choice.** 


Human Resources Contacts

For questions related to human resources/payroll, contact the Central Administration Office or one of the staff members listed below: 

Michael Nault Executive Director of Human Resources424-0097
Nicole Laber Executive Assistant424-0124
Jenni Johnson Substitute Coordinator424-1254
Shannon Mraz Employment Coordinator424-0124
Dawn Becker Payroll & Benefits Manager424-0163
Bonnie Winter Payroll Clerk424-0064

215 S. Eagle Street
P. O. Box 3048
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3048
Phone: see below
Toll free: 1-800-628-0238
Fax: (920) 303-4396
Email: firstname.lastname@oshkosh.k12.wi.us
The mission of the Human Resources and Payroll Departments is to provide our community with the highest quality staff by applying state-of-the-art practices.
We believe employees of the Oshkosh Area School District constitute the most important resource for providing a quality educational program for the students of the community. Recognizing this, it is the goal of the Department of Human Resources to provide for the following:
  • Recruitment and selection of the very best available candidates for all open positions in the district.
  • Allocation of the district’s human resources in a manner that makes the greatest contribution to the instructional program.
  • A climate in which optimum staff performance and satisfaction are produced.
  • Programs of staff development that are designed to contribute to the improvement of the learning program and to each staff member’s career development.
  • Promotion of employee/employer relations.
  • Development and use of evaluation processes that contribute to the improvement of staff.